Monday, January 14, 2013

January 2012

I know that posting a year later allows for a lot of things to be forgotten, but at least I'm posting.  I've been meaning to get caught up for so long, it would probably just be better if I kept on top of things.  Anyways, Kaleb was different from Isaac in many ways, he was very obsessed with his pacifier and would hold onto and put his little thumb in the hole.  It was so cute.

 My two boys! Isaac was (and is still) very helpful with Kaleb.  He used to pick him up and carry him around when he was a baby.  Of course I wouldn't know about it until he was charging toward me asking for help so that he wouldn't drop him.  
 Susan and the rest of the family came over with Mandy, the dog, somehow Isaac ended up taking a nap with Mandy on the bed.
 Such a happy boy!
I said he loved his fingers, and he did.  He'd stick those fingers in, especially his pointer finger, and suck away.  January was an uneventful month, I guess except the fact that Isaac pretty much potty trained himself.  I guess I had tried so many times (3) and talked to him enough about getting rid of diapers and wearing underwear, he kind of just decided to do it.  It helped that Ronnie asked him if he wanted to go pee in the potty (I was thinking, seriously?).  But it worked! Isaac was ready to do it and on his own.  He had some accidents here and there, but mostly he did a great job.

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